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Goldeneye 64 Tournament

Celebrate our Throwback collection!

Entry: Free 
1st - Bragging rights and $50 gift card to Tall Grass
2nd - $30 Gift Card to Tall Grass
3rd - $20 Gift Card to Tall Grass
Double Elimination Tournament.
Radar ON.
NO Throwing Knives.
NO slappers.
NO golden guns (we will play them for fun after the tournament).
NO Oddjob.
NO caves level.
Weapons and Levels will be randomly drawn before each match.
4 players at a time, 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd and 4th place get losses.
Last 2 winner’s bracket competitors and the last 2 loser’s bracket competitors will play a 3 game championship match.
Each game in the championship each player will be awarded points based on place. 1st=1 point, 2nd=2 points, etc.
The lowest total at the end of the 3 games is the winner. 2nd, 2nd, etc. In case of tie those players will face each other to break it.
*Rules may change up to the 16th based on feedback from participants.
Centennial Market arts area.
Saturday July 17th, 1-4
Concession available.
Controllers will be sanitized between use.
Finals will be streamed online


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