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Let's tell you about our commitment to the earth!

It's Earth Day 2021! We thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to tell you further about our commitment to sustainability as well as our Earth Day 2021 promotion!

Plastic Bag Free:

We do not have plastic bags in our shop. We use paper bags and also sell amazing branded reusable totes for only $1.50!

Carbon Neutral Shipping:

Since late 2020 we've been offsetting our emissions on our shipping using a company called Offset.  You can learn more about the projects that this company is helping here.

Seed Tags:

Have you seen our awesome seed tags? They come with packs of wildflower seeds in them! Also if you look closely the paper itself can be planted! You can grow amazing flowers and always be reminded of Tall Grass Apparel!

Recycled Shirts:

All of our scrap shirts get turned into something useful. If they aren't used as reusable rags, they are turned into dog chew and pull toys!

Paper Recycling:

All paper that comes through the shop is recycled either into the big blue bin, or it's shredded and turned into seed bombs!  You can pick these up in store!

 Compostable Packaging:

We use Hero Packaging for all of our shipping materials. That means that once you open your amazing purchase you can just put the bag into your compost bin! 


Earth Day 2021:

This year we have a unique program that we're helping out.  They're calling it "Field of Dreams". It was announced earlier this year that SGI is sending rebates back to the consumers. This initiative encourages people to pool their rebates and together with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, acquire, and preserve endangered grasslands. We're not sure if you know this or not but we tend to like the grasslands. Enough that we even put "grass" in our name!  We thought this would be the perfect initiative to donate to this year!

Read more about it here.

For every shirt bought between April 22nd, and April 30th, $5 will go towards this initiative.

Further more if you would like to  donate directly, head to: