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What's New at Tall Grass?

We've changed up some things here at Tall Grass and made some exciting updates!

Inventory System:

Before we had a made to order inventory system. That's to say, if you ordered and we didn't have it in stock in the store, one of us would go into the shop and make it. This caused a delay in getting the product to you. This is common for apparel businesses just starting up. We have gotten rid of this setup.

Now we are doing it as "on hand" delivery! We've enhanced our stock amounts and have changed to a more detailed inventory management system. Now when you order, the product should go out next day! This will speed up the process immensely and get your Tall Grass Apparel to you as soon as possible! It was a lot of work to make sure we had everything in stock and will take a couple weeks to get it all done.


We had a supply issue with our masks. As we had mentioned before, we were sewing them ourselves. Unfortunately elastic is hard to come by! Luckily it has since rejoined us and we are working diligently to catch up on orders!


Tentatively the date we will reopen our store from at the Centennial Market is June 6th. More will come on this at a later date. It looks like we will only be allowing two people in at a time to ensure physical distancing. We will have a plexiglass enclosure around the till and everything will be constantly santized. Again, more on this will come later.

That's all for now! Thank you for reading and helping us grow as a business!


"Nature always wears the colours of the spirit."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson