Partners / Fundraising

We are looking for groups that use fundraising as a method of subsidizing their operating costs throughout the year. With our amazing partnership package you design a shirt, submit it to us and we produce and sell it to the mass of the Internet whilst providing the group with a percentage of the profit.

If you would like to apply for Partnership / Fundraising, drop us a line here:

How much can you earn off a shirt?

Depends on how much the shirt costs to make.  Typically it’s approximately 20% of the retail price.  The amount will be finalized once the final cost is determined.

How often do cheques get sent out?

We send them out at the end of the month to accounts over $100.  If it’s not over $100 it rolls over to the next month, until the balance reaches the minimum send out limit. 

I have an idea but am not good at designing, can I still submit it?

Yes!  We will look at your idea and see if we can design something for it, send it back to you and if we have your approval, then we will start production.

Will you cancel my design?

We will guarantee we will sell it for one year.  After that year it is up to our discretion if the design stays up or not.  If it does you will still continue earning.

What if I want to sell my shirt locally?

No problem!  Just contact us and we can sell you a batch of your shirts at a discounted rate for you to resell at whatever rate you want!  No questions asked!

Can I submit more than one design?

Yes!  You can submit as many as you want, however keep in mind not all will be accepted.

How can I view my sales?

The group will be able to access a real time tracking page of their item and find out how much they've earned!

The partner package!

  • Two free shirts: you can use these to model for the pictures for your item page if you want!
  • Access code to the partner area where you can track your money earned.
  • Opportunity to buy shirts at a lower cost to sell yourselves at whatever price you want!
  • Promotion for your group or organization on the item page and a chance to be showcased in the featured group area on the front page of the website.
  • A specific link you can use to link directly to your items website.
  • Promotional material you can use to aid in selling of your shirts.

What criteria do I need to follow?

There is three areas you need to follow in order to submit your design.  The design, group, and technical categories.


1. The image has to be in somewhat good taste.  Not overly offensive. Racist, violent, illegal submissions will automatically be rejected.  If you’re not sure of if your design is suitable, submit it and find out.  Worst we can say is no and let you submit again.

2. Image must be for a general audience. Like a saying or just a picture.  Group logos aren’t acceptable.  However if you’re looking for a group logo on a shirt, see our custom shirts area for more information.


1. Image has to be larger than 1268x1268.

2. Acceptable formats include: *.jpg, *.gif, *.tif, *.psd, *.png, or any raster or vector formats.

3. Design must have a maximum of three colours.  Lower colour designs are preferred.


1. The group has to be of a charitable organization.  Examples are: student and church groups, daycares etc. 

2. Cheques will not be written out to individual names.  Only organizations.

3. The person submitting the idea must be a member of authority in the group.

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