About Us

About us

We are Tall Grass Apparel

Tall Grass Apparel: We are a small, 2 man operation, with one silkscreen machine creating all our shirts by hand. That’s pretty much it, really. No extra hands, no fancy machines, just us doing some good old fashion manual labor all for the love of just making shirts and other amazing clothing.

Tall Grass Apparel was established in late 2015 by Matthew Thompson and Dimitrios (Jimmy) Kounios, and ever since then we have been actively producing our own fun and quirky apparel designs, and also for fundraisers, events and several local businesses as well.

Our company is sweatshop free; the only people sweating here are Matt and Jimmy. We are Saskatchewan made and we proudly support everything local. Both Matt and Jimmy were born in Saskatchewan. Did we mention we hand press every single shirt? I’m assuming you’d like to know why since we now mentioned it twice. Isn’t it obvious? We’re scared. Scared of those automated machines becoming self aware and destroying humanity. And we don’t want to be responsible for the end of the world.

Matt and Jimmy