Days of Action

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 Having spent nearly six years forging her own path to healing, Marlene saw a massive need to speak to the unresolved systemic trauma in Canada. Initially Marlene started Days of Action as an eating disorder awareness campaign in the winter of 2018, and it has since then expanded it to speak to what Marlene sees as being the root of the mental health crisis in Canada - unresolved systemic trauma. 

 At its heart, Days of Action advocates for people facing mental health challenges, and from there, empowers people to advocate for themselves. Days of Action believes that every person's pain,  regardless of the individual narrative, be seen as having meaning, therefore deserving of healing and liberation for themselves, which ultimately means liberation for Canada.


 Marlene has taken her conviction of Days of Action to the road and is currently riding her bike across Canada for systemic trauma awareness, where her courageous commitment and dedication to her country has earned herself the nickname, ‘Honey Badger’.


 The honey badger image, drawn by Marlenes daughter symbolizes strength, unity, and the courageous belief that any person dedicated to a mission can change the world! We thank you deeply for your show of support, and are cheering you on for helping shift the mental health narrative in Canada to being one of accessible services for all! 



Marlene Hibbs, Founder of Days of Action